Dear John,

Excuse my arrogance, but I can't help identifying very strongly what you're
looking for, and «especially expanded cinema works, and more contemporary
efforts, ones that split these relations even further: between image
capture and image playback», with my own *We Only Guarantee The Dinosaurs*,
a performance-environment piece (for lack of a better word) that has shown
widely. Here you can find a bit of info about it (photos and some written
impressions). I can provide more documentation if needed.



2017-05-23 17:45 GMT+02:00 Dave Tetzlaff <>:

> Belaboring the obvioius perhaps, but Hollis Frampton ‘Critical Mass’ and
> ‘(nostalgia)’ [each shot is one 100’ load]; Owen Land ‘Film in which…’;
> Robert Nelson ‘Bleu Shut’; Barbara Rubin ‘Christmas on Earth’ [non fixed
> image-iaage and image-sound relationships]; Michael Snow ‘<—>’...
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