Frameworkers, a friend of mine is researching the literary life of Christopher 
MacLaine. He sent this yesterday: 

"You may know that [MacLaine] was also a poet and editor. (Jordan Belson was 
the art editor for the first issue of Contour Quarterly, the magazine that 
MacLaine and his wife Norma edited, which ran for four issues in the late 
forties.) I've been very interested in that side of his work, which has 
completely vanished from any public view or awareness, and I've been working 
for a few years on assembling the writings, and trying to learn more about the 
context. Have had a very hard time finding anyone still alive to talk to who 
knew him, or much on record about his life. Any suggestions you might have in 
that regard would be very welcome.

Any leads on this? Steve? Scott?
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