Gene, has your friend tried contacting Lawrence Jordan? I believe Jordan
knew Maclaine and worked with him on The Man Who Invented Gold (but I could
be wrong). J.J. Murphy and Fred Camper have done the most extensive writing
I know on Maclaine; perhaps they have some leads. There's a transcription
of a conversation with Brakhage about his time with Maclaine, published in
Radical Light.

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On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 10:02 AM, Gene Youngblood <> wrote:

> Frameworkers, a friend of mine is researching the literary life of
> Christopher MacLaine. He sent this yesterday:
> "You may know that [MacLaine] was also a poet and editor. (Jordan Belson
> was the art editor for the first issue of Contour Quarterly, the magazine
> that MacLaine and his wife Norma edited, which ran for four issues in the
> late forties.) I've been very interested in that side of his work, which
> has completely vanished from any public view or awareness, and I've been
> working for a few years on assembling the writings, and trying to learn
> more about the context. Have had a very hard time finding anyone still
> alive to talk to who knew him, or much on record about his life. Any
> suggestions you might have in that regard would be very welcome.
> Any leads on this? Steve? Scott?
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