Hi all,

Submissions are open for Single Frame- a showcase of experimental
documentaries in Durham, NC.


If you don't have a FilmFreeway account, just email us off the listserv and
we'll work something out.


Single Frame is a showcase of experimental documentary shorts in Durham,
North Carolina. This is not a festival but more of an elaborate screening
series that hopefully can continue annually.

Situated around Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Single Frame aims to
shed light on non-traditional documentaries in a time when big budget
Hollywood docs are hitting the Durham scene. We cherish documentaries that
respect the art form of filmmaking equal to the topic discussed. We respect
documentaries created by a small crew of people with huge vision. We love
documentaries that challenge our perception of reality by presenting a new
way to see the world.

Depending on the total length of official selections, we plan on
programming one to three screenings (about one hour each) to showcase in
the days leading up to Full Frame.

Presented by UNEXPOSED, a microcinema facilitating the growth of
experimental and avant-garde film in the Triangle, NC.
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