Hello all
I wanted give a shout out to all the film people I could think of and let you 
know about ICS Interbay Cinema Society. It is an experimental film group that I 
co founded last year.  please spread the word and let people know that we are 
out there and that we offer these services

Best Regards
Jon Behrens

our mission is to provide goods and services to filmmakers who work outside of 
what the mainstream conception of filmmaking is. We provide these services to 
filmmakers free of charge with no strings attached. We look for filmmakers who 
have built a body of work and have shown dedication and work ethic over the 
years. These services are designed to help off set the enormous costs involved 
in filmmaking and to encourage them to produce more work and to promote cinema 
as an art form .

One of the things that ICS does are the LightPress grants, 10 of these are 
giving out twice a year January 1st and July 1st. These are 3 hour vouchers to 
use at LightPress to have really nice HD scans of your films made. These are a 
$900 value. Since July 2016 ICS have given out $28,000 in these grants.
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