Hi Charlotte,

As mentioned in a post earlier this week I have ran several different
polyester stocks through my bolex with out a problem.

I have also bipacked a polyester and acetate a couple of times.  The trick
is to line up the sproket holes which you can do just as your about to load
by cutting the end of the film together while the sprokets are synched up.

In both shooting and printing/bipacking I've shot at 12fps to in theory let
in more light and I guess now that you mention it, keep it slow in case of
a problem, particularly with printing.

Good luck!

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> Subject: [Frameworks] Polyester Base Stocks
> Hey Frameworks!
> Has anybody used a stock on polyester base instead of acetate in their
> Bolex? What was your experience?
> And also, has anyone tried bi-packing it?
> Asking for a friend. No, really. :)
> --charlotte
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