In collaboration with la lumière collective, VISIONS presents : MARY HELENA 
[Filmmaker present | 16mm Projection]


[A Selection of Works by Mary Helena Clark | Une sélection d’oeuvres réalisées 
par Mary Helena Clark]

“The world of moving images is fraught with comparisons to magic, to illusions. 
It is our inheritance and it’s where photographic work gets its heat. Mary 
Helena Clark’s films work because she understands the perpetual strangeness of 
seeing “real life” projected on a screen. She understands how to craft a 
vision of that reality that is highly subjective while still being attuned to 
the audience’s desires, expectations and baggage. And, in so doing, her works 
subvert our expectations of the veracity of moving images, while at the same 
reaffirming the vitality of the well-timed magic trick.” -  Jesse Malmed, ​Bad 
at Sports


[Programme by Mary Helena Clark]

Dialogues : Every month VISIONS invites visiting artists to curate a programme 
in dialogue with their own work.
This program of works selected by Mary Helena Clark is loosely about films as 
letters or responses to real or fictional characters - films as transmittals of 
affinity that, to quote Mary Ruefle, "originate in the pressing need to make a 
message directed at something unnear, that the absence of the unnear be made to 
appear present." - MHC

With films by : Karen Yasinsky, Dorothy Wiley, Neil Henderson, Jessica Jackson 
Hutchins + Jean Paul Kelly


14+15.09.17 | 19h00 [portes 18h30] | 7$ | la lumière collective [7080, rue 
Alexandra, #506, Montréal]

English audio | v.o. anglais


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