Dear all, 

It’s with great pleasure and pride that I can announce the start of our 
pre-sale for the DVD of Exprmntl. 
After a year of festivals around the world we figured it was time to get it out 

This mailing-list has helped us on several occasions during the production of 
this film, ranging from contact info, help with finding rights-holders and 
screenings at festivals. 

We’ve set up a campaign to get the necessary pre-sales in order to finance the 
production of the DVD so it would be a great help to spread this info to people 
you think might be interested in this film. 
We’ve also set up the possibility for both private and institutional license at 
a very nice price. This is (for now) the only way to obtain the film on DVD. 

For those of you who don’t know ‘Exprmntl’: it was a legendary festival for 
avant-garde film in Knokke, Belgium. It was the place for experimental 
filmmakers from around the world to meet during one cold winter week in 
December. It was where Peter Kubelka and Jonas Mekas met, where Harun Farocki 
was protesting as a young student from the Berlin film academy, where Yoko Ono 
spent half the time performing ‘Black Bag Piece’ in the middle of the casino 
floor, where Jack Smith’s ‘Flaming Creatures’ created a wave of protests for 
being censored,...  

I highly recommend you check out the trailer on the page and pass it on:

Kind regards


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