What's wrong with the xenon lamp circuitry?

It should be a constant current source, combined with a little high voltage
supply to strike the lamp.  When the high voltage pulse makes the thing arc
over, the plasma between the contacts is conductive so all of a sudden the
thing turns into a low resistance device and it only takes a couple hundred
volts for the arc to be sustained.  The constant current source means that
the thing remains at the correct operating point as the electrodes slowly
burn away.

I _think_ that the EX-2000A uses trick magnetics to do the job... it's a
big saturable reactor that acts as an AC constant current source, then 
rectifiers to turn it into DC, and then a filter capacitor made with
multiple capacitors and inductors in a chain to eliminate the ripple.

You could talk to Steve Guttag, I know he has worked on those occasionally.
There isn't much to fail non-catastrophically.
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