Happy weekend Frameworkers!

For the past three years myself and Taylor Dunne have been making a feature
length experimental doc about Nuclear weapons testing, manufacturing and
storage in the American Southwest.  We have been interviewing anti-nuclear
and peace activists who have resisted the Rocky Flats Plant in CO, the
Nevada Test Site and the sprawling nuclear weapons complex throughout New

To finish this work while relevant to the broader cultural discourse we are
having a fundraiser throughout October.

We know that these are tumultuous times rife with environmental and
political change and that everyones time and money is stretched super
thin.  But! if you can find any room to help us out, even if thats just
helping spread the word about what we are doing, we will be forever

To learn more about our work please check the project out online at:

and also take a look at our Kickstarter:

If you live in Colorado Taylor and I will be presenting talking about our
project in Nederland October 28th from 10am-2pm at the Art House of
Nederland 171 E. Second st.  Hope to see you there.

Thanks you all!


Eric Stewart & Taylor Dunne
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