This Saturday, The Film-Makers' Cooperative is screening the historic 1966
program: *America Today.
<> *

Featuring filmmakers who would go on to form New York Newsreel, the
unoffical propaganda arm for the New Left, this collection of moving image
works uncannily reflects our present moment in a remarkable way.

Designed to reflect “the social, political, and moral climate of our time,
the feelings, issues, and events of the day as seen by today’s independent
film-makers,” *America T**oday *brought together films by Jonas Mekas,
Peter Gessner, Robert Fiore, Robert Machover, Norman Fruchter, and Bruce
Baillie in order to support the Newark Community Union Project (NCUP), an
initiative spearheaded by activists from Students for a Democratic Society
(SDS) to organize people of color in Newark’s ghettos.

Jonas Mekas, *Newsreel: Report from Millbrook*
Peter Gessner, *Time of the Locust*
Robert Fiore, *Now Do You See How We Play?*
Robert Machover and Norman Fruchter, *Troublemakers*
Bruce Baillie, *Mass for the Dakota Sioux*

Programmed by David Fresko.

ADMISSION: $10 suggested
RSVP *required*:

Thank you,

Mary Billyou


MM Serra, Executive Director
Courtney Muller, Assistant to Director
Jeremy Stebens, Digital Media Technician
NACG/The Film-Makers' Cooperative
475 Park Ave South, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
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