Chicagoans, in particular . .

If you also teach and have students who are at early stages of their
mastery of English, check out The Future Perfect, at Facets until Nov. 30.

The film would count as experimental or avant-garde  if it were Godard, but
. . all that talking to camera in a Godard is here performed by Chinese
youth taking conversational Spanish lessons in Argentina.

They're always facing the camera and answering in conversational Spanish.
We witness this experience of searching for words, particularly nice if
you've known it as a foreigner.

I'm not sure this counts as directing.  Get a group of people who are
really immigrants and ask them to perform this amateur interview part we
know from the narrative without actors.

Language in cinema will never be the same, and I am more and more likely to
be fooled by the documentary quality of a directorial project like this.

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