This short film hand-painted by Gordon Webber contains, at the very end, a 
moment resembling abstract expressionist  painting.

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I do not recall that Oscar Fischinger applied paint directly to film, can you 
cite an example of his using that technique? True he is considered an 
“abstract” film animator but I was hoping to make some finer distinctions even 
within the area of  techniques involving the appication of paint directly to 
the film surface. Further, within that specialized arena, I was making 
distinctions between filmmakers who do figurative animation painting each 
sequential frame accordingly and those who, borrowing “art associative” terms, 
paint directly onto film with an approach similar to "abstract expressionism”, 
not necessarily  accounting for the usual predictive movement continuity 
associated with animation (or live action for that matter), and in some cases 
would appear to even “ignore” (in  the usual sense) the frame lines.  I sense a 
resistance here to the making of such distinctions, as if using any terms of 
distinction would somehow rob the filmmaker of her soul, a fear similar to 
those who even feel that being photographed might somehow rob them of their 
very existence. Sometimes we need to invent language, terminology, or words to 
point to distinctions which do actually exist.

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Wat about some Oscar Fischinger?


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Can anyone site an example of “abstract expressionist” painting onto film prior 
to 1968?  (Hopefully with online viewing availability).

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