Chuck’s last email to Frameworks (if my email’s memory is accurate), on the 
subject “asking for a friend:” 

I thought Green Eggs and Ham was better.  

You seem to see some connection between warning the soldiers of an occupying 
army not to fraternize with the locals and sexual harassment of filmmakers?  Or 
are filmmakers the harassers?

As always with Chuck, a combination of fun and warmth, even a little silliness, 
irreverent humor (and irreverence in general), and sharp thinking. When I met 
him a few years back at a conference, I found him much the same in person. I 
knew whenever I saw his name in my email inbox I was in for a good read, 
however brief. I’m sad that there won’t be any more.


Dr. Jonathan Walley
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Cinema
Denison University

> On Dec 16, 2017, at 8:13 AM, Green, Ron Green <> wrote:
> I am so sorry to hear this. Chuck was a constant, happy, generous, welcoming, 
> open-minded, open-hearted, brave and funny pioneer of our field. He helped 
> break new trails for our generation in left-cinema studies, sex studies, 
> women's studies, black studies, and many other areas, including early 
> academic film studies. Jump Cut is one huge, representative monument to 
> Chuck's contributions, the most inclusive journal we have, a broad and deep, 
> long-take of that field. This is a painful loss. 
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