Your Eiki takes a lens with a 42.5mm barrel.  So there are a wide variety
of lenses that will fit it, of different lengths.

In MOST cases, the anamorphic lens is an adaptor which fits over the front
of your existing lens.  So you might, have, say, a 100mm Isco lens on the
projector, and you screw an adaptor ring onto that and then you screw on 
a Sankor anamorphic adaptor over top of that lens.  This works well for long
throw applications but you can run into issues if the spherical lens is
too short.

There are SOME anamorphic lenses that just slide into the projector and 
replace both halves.  The original Bausch and Lomb 16mm Cinemascope lenses
were this way.  For the most part these are kind of lousy and some of them
only focus properly with a narrow range of throw lengths.

So... the first question here is how big an image do you want with how much
of a throw, and what kind of spherical lenses do you have and what kind of
anamorphic adaptors do you have?

The 35mm anamorphic adaptors are selling cheaply today and they can usually
be adapted for 16mm use.  Many of them are very sharp.  However, they are
generally pretty heavy and may need external support.  The Sankor lenses
aren't really all that sharp and they tend to cost good money these days but 
they are light and convenient.

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