Hello Frameworks colleagues,

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is currently looking
for a part time Projectionist of Archival and Digital Cinema

I've included the information in the posting below but you can also find it
by visiting http://jobs.berkeley.edu and searching for keyword 24474 (the
job number for this position), and follow the application process detailed
on the website. To be considered, applications must be completed through
the campus online website.

Feel free to share this information with all the wonderful projectionists
you may know.

Any questions about the posting should be directed to Catherine Kasprzycki

*Projectionist of Archival and Digital Cinema *

The mission of the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA)
is to inspire the imagination and ignite critical dialogue through art and
film. BAMPFA has developed an international reputation for its active and
ambitious exhibition programs, as well as for the quality of its art and
film collections and research resources. BAMPFA is an institution with a
stellar history and an exciting future. For more information, visit our
website http://bampfa.org.

*Responsibilities: *

The Projectionist of Archival and Digital Cinema works both independently
and collaboratively with other BAMPFA senior projectionists, with film
curators and with other members of the film exhibition team to present 420
film programs per year, as well as other screenings and events in the
BAMPFA Barbro Osher Theater (232 seats). The Projectionist projects digital
media and film in BAMPFA’s Theater 2 (33 seats) and is responsible for
routine maintenance and mechanical repairs of projection and preview
equipment, advising when outside consultations or repair services are
needed and, as requested, communicating with vendors to achieve best

BAMPFA film programs include many guests with whom the Projectionist
discusses technical and presentation details. The Projectionist maintains
the highest archival standards in film, video, digital and expanded media
projection and in film handling for exhibition, collection, and
preservation. He/She contributes to BAMPFA’s ongoing film preservation and
access goals through a range of skilled activities including inspecting,
prepping, cleaning, and scanning films as requested.

   - Projects film, video, DCP and other digital formats including files,
   and expanded media for BAMPFA film programs and other events in BAMPFA’s
   Barbro Osher Theater and Theater 2, and film programs in the Crane Forum,
   galleries, and on the LED exterior screen. Duties include but are not
   limited to program rehearsals, preservation print review, press screenings,
   private screenings, and others.
   - Responsible for the set-up and strike for all audio and/or visual
   presentations from the booth and/or the house.
   - Often projects a variety of formats during one screening, including
   interspersing film, digital, and videotape in a single program. Projects
   clips during lectures and screenings.
   - Consults artists and guest presenters regarding desired presentation
   of their work and provides information about BAMPFA booth equipment and
   presentation capability.
   - In advance of play date, inspects film prints and other material to
   ensure quality and projection needs. Tests videos and digital media
   on-screen. Alerts curator and film exhibition team as early as possible
   regarding any projection concerns or related technical issues.
   - Preparation for exhibition may routinely include identifying or
   analyzing issues with digital media; unwrapping and re-authoring DCPs;
   repairing film, estimating running time, determining the proper reel order,
   selecting appropriate lenses, selecting correct aspect ratio, sound format
   and projector speed, consulting and advising other BAMPFA staff regarding
   potential problems and technical issues.
   - Works collaboratively with Program Manager, curators and other staff
   to address unanticipated day-of-program technical issues for best possible
   - Notes actual running time, fps, condition, aspect ratio, intermission
   placement, print ID, and other specific details in PFA Database promptly
   after the screening.
   - Loads electronic-title files into software program for projection;
   makes corrections and formats text when requested; ensures best on-screen
   placement of subtitles.
   - Records guest speakers in the Osher Theater using digital audio
   equipment in the booth; may also make video recordings using in-booth
   stationary camera.
   - May occasionally record projected works off the screen when requested.
   - Inspects, evaluates, and as necessary repairs films, including
   archival prints for exhibition, collection, and preservation.
   - Compares multiple prints and analyzes differences.
   - Fills out detailed print condition reports and tech sheets.
   - Preps and, as needed, cleans films for digitization.
   - When requested, scans films on in-house equipment; follows established
   procedures for naming and storing the resulting digital files.
   - Periodically trains work-study assistants and staff in the use of
   various types of audiovisual equipment.
   - Keeps up-to-date log of exhibition technical issues and solutions.
   - Maintains equipment manuals and records; prepares tip sheets for
   reference regarding booth equipment and operations.
   - When Program Manager is unavailable or as program necessitates, moves
   films between Receiving and Theater booth.
   - Establishes and oversees a maintenance program for all equipment in
   the theaters.
   - Maintains a wide range of exhibition equipment in the BAMPFA theaters
   as well as portable 16mm projectors, Cinescans, viewing tables, video
   decks, power and manual rewinds. Advises when service specialists are
   needed. As requested, contacts vendors and communicates with them to
   achieve desired results.
   - Consults film curators regarding necessary upgrades due to
   wear-and-tear of hardware or advances in presentation technologies.
   - Researches equipment, supplies, replacement parts, potential vendors,
   and pricing. Seeks effective economical solutions.
   - Tracks inventory of projector bulbs and other supplies used in theater
   - Assists with evaluations of proposed equipment purchases and estimates
   of costs. Provides technical recommendations for grant proposals when
   - Performs other technical duties related to film exhibition,
   collection, and preservation screenings.

*Requirements: *

   - Extensive experience with manual changeover, variable speed
   projection, archival prints, silent and sound film presentation.
   - Demonstrated skills with theatrical projection of the full range of
   digital media as well as analog video.
   - Operational knowledge of computer controlled digital presentation
   systems (e.g., via Crestron).
   - Knowledge of current media technologies and ability to learn new
   technologies, applications and equipment quickly.
   - Extensive understanding of film stocks, types of sound recording and
   reproduction, color and tone, aspect ratios, etc., throughout the history
   of cinema, and ability to apply this knowledge to correctly inspect and
   project films to archival standards.
   - Demonstrated skills in inspecting and repairing motion picture film.
   - Strong mechanical aptitude and experience in maintaining equipment.
   - Acute vision and hearing.
   - Computer proficiency including Mac OS, MS Office, Filemaker, Excel,
   Google mail and calendar, Adobe Acrobat; and strong aptitude for using
   software relevant to digital projection.
   - Comfortable with the Mac OS command line terminal interface.
   - Record of reliability and punctuality in past employment.
   - Proven ability to perform well and remain calm in stressful
   situations, including troubleshooting unexpected technical issues.
   - Ability to work effectively and tactfully with other staff, BAMPFA
   presenters, high profile guests, artists and the public.
   - Ability to meet daily, weekly, and longer-term deadlines.
   - High level of attention to accuracy and detail including in written
   - Good verbal and written communication skills.
   - Well-organized, up-to-date recordkeeping of information to be shared
   with other staff.
   - Successful collaboration within and across departments in a busy, high
   performance organization.
   - Familiarity with FIAF projection standards, archival practices and
   - Must have extremely flexible schedule, including daytime, evening and
   weekend availability, occasionally on short notice.
   - Must have valid California driver license and safe driving record.
   - Must be able to lift and carry up to 65 pounds.


   - Experience with mixed format compilation programs and expanded media.
   - Knowledge of lab practices relevant to projection and preservation
   - Ability to unwrap and re-author DCPs without re-encoding the original
   - Skills and knowledge relevant to modifying computer and serial control
   of digital presentation.

This position has been designated as sensitive and may require a Criminal
Background Check. We reserve the right to make employment contingent upon
successful completion of a Criminal Background Check.

*Education/Training: *

   - Professional training or equivalent experience with archival and
   digital cinema.

*Other: *

Must be available to work daytimes, nights, and weekends as needed.

This position is for 20 hours per week.

*Salary and Benefits: *

For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the
University visit: http://atyourservice.ucop.edu/forms_pubs/misc/

*Deadline:* The date of first review of applications is February 8, 2018.
Open until filled.

*To Apply: *

Visit http://jobs.berkeley.edu and search for keyword 24474 (the job number
for this position), and follow the application process detailed on the
website. To be considered, applications must be completed through the
campus online website.

Catherine Kasprzycki

HR Associate

UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

2120 Oxford Street, #2250 Berkeley, CA  94720

(510) 643-6958


(510) 642-4889 fax
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