Hello Frameworkers,

I have a question about Tony Conrad’s performance 7360 Sukiyaki, which I’m 
asking on behalf of another researcher. It’s a simple question, really, but has 
become quite the little puzzle. 

The question is where the work was “premiered.” In an essay he wrote for MFJ 
called “Is This Penny Ante or a High Stakes Game?”, Tony listed three 
performance dates for the work: December 17, 1973, April 27, 1974, and June 15, 
1974. The latter two dates I have been able to nail down: The Walker Art Center 
and the Millennium. That leaves the December 17, ’73 date, apparently the 
premiere. My educated guess is that this took place at Antioch, which Tony was 
teaching at the time (he left shortly after to teach at Binghamton, then, of 
course, SUNY Buffalo). The researcher I’ve been talking to has not been able to 
find anything about a performance at Antioch (my guess is that it was a very 
low-key affair, possibly connected with a class, as was Film Feedback); she is 
trying to eliminate Anthology or any other NY venue as a possible site of the 
premiere. She’s even contacted the archivist at Antioch and gotten more-or-less 
a non-responsive response. 

Any ideas? I know it’s a lot of verbiage for what seems like a tiny question, 
but since I’ve spent a few days figuring out the other dates and sort of 
mapping Tony’s travels between 1972 and 1975, I’ve developed an obsession with 
answering this question. Not that it would be the end of the world if I didn’t 
(especially since it’s not even my research project). 

Related to this: I have not been able to determine when/where/by whom this 
photo was taken: 

I’m quite sure it’s not the Walker Art Center, but beyond that I’m clueless. 

Thanks everyone!

Dr. Jonathan Walley
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Cinema
Denison University

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