Hi All!

I have the following for sale:

2 x Factory sealed 400ft 7231 Kodak Plus-X negative film: $180 USD per can. 
Frozen since purchase.

1 x 800ft Orwo DP31 panchromatic low contrast interpositive film. Each can 
contains 2x400 rolls of DP31 purchased factory fresh in 2015, downspooled and 
frozen since purchase: $100 USD per can.

1 can 270ft recan 7219 Kodak Vision3 colour negative film. $30 USD

4 x 400ft Kodak 3378E high con sound film. $35 USD per can

1 x 800ft Kodak 3378E high con sound film. Can contains 2x400ft rolls: $70 USD

Please note all film sales are final ‘as is’.
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