Hello friends and members of the FRAMEWORKS Family!!!

If you happen to be in the Southern California Area…….

Please come and join us this THURSDAY NIGHT - MARCH 29 from 7PM to 10PM as we 
have our second BI-ANNUAL Film, Video RUMMAGE sale and CRAFT explosion!!!!

We will turn the Echo Park Film Center (EPFC) into a THRIFT STORE/BOUTIQUE of 
so many LOVELY things Including:

35mm/16mm/8mm and Super 8 cameras, projectors, editors, splicers PLUS 
computers, DSLR cameras, Video cameras, tape stock, c-stands, HIGH END light 
kits (Arri & Kino FLO), tripods, split reels, DVDs, Film Books, Records, found 
footage, pelican cases, Camera Dollys, Gels, Duvetyne, gizmos, gadgets and 
PLENTY of surprises!!!

Please come and join us!!! There will be snacks!!!

SPREAD the WORD - Come ONE come ALL!!!!

Be well,

The EPFC Family
www.echoparkfilmcenter.org <http://www.echoparkfilmcenter.org/>
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