Emotion vs. reason? His live video got us PUMPED and struck a cord- we who
were watching were cheering, (crying a bit admittedly). Even had musicians
riding along to its It speaks to something bigger and is effectively
cathartic- the performance, the storytelling, while also being a testimony
of information. Two things going on at once, important to distinguish. But
this also makes sense- the statement from Mass Art Faculty- glad to hear
from them.

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, Ed Halter <h...@edhalter.com> wrote:

> Hey Frameworks
> Felt I should share this announcement that was forwarded to me from the
> Massart faculty.
> ------------
> The faculty and staff of the Film/Video department demand that Professor
> Saul Levine stop his
> lies about recent events at Mass Art and his cyber-bullying against his
> colleagues.
> It is because of Professor Levine’s very public attacks and
> misrepresentations that we feel
> obliged to correct his version of the complaints against him.
> He has bullied his colleagues and created an abusive working environment
> over many years.
> He has derailed and destroyed important discussions about urgent
> departmental and curricular
> issues.
> This is NOT an issue of academic freedom. No one at Mass Art made any
> effort to censor or
> punish Professor Levine for screening his film or any other film he has
> shown over the years.
> No one forced him to retire.The decision to retire is entirely Professor
> Levine’s.
> We recognize Professor Levine as a brilliant artist and programmer and are
> thankful for his
> contributions to the department and to Massart.It is extremely painful to
> see his toxic rant
> against the department, besmearing the College and insulting us by name
> while claiming
> himself as the victim.
> As artists, teachers and mentors, it is our responsibility to stand up
> when we are bullied and to
> treat each other with respect. It is also our duty to foster an open,
> respectful, and collegial
> environment for our students.
> Soon-Mi Yoo, Chair
> Ericka Beckman, Professor
> Gretchen Skogerson, Professor
> Joe Briganti, Studio Manager, Video Area
> Kim Keown, Studio Manager, Film Area
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