HI Frameworkers— I’m trying to track down some Kenneth Anger films—
does anyone know if they’re being distributed— or do I need to contact Mr. 
Anger directly?

Airships (2013, 9 mins)         Production Co: Anger Management Entertainment
Ich Will! (2008, 35 mins)      Production Co: Angerfilm
Foreplay (2008, 7 mins)
Elliott’s Suicide (2007, 15 mins)
I’ll Be Watching You (2007, 5 mins)

It looks like Foreplay, Elliott’s Suicide and Ich Will have all been exhibited 
on video, but I couldn’t seem to find any details about what he listed as their 
production company, what their original format was, etc. Just that they exist 
as projects he's let out and have been screened in public. Also--a couple seem 
to have multiple release years (Ich Will seems to be credited both as coming 
out in 2000 and 2008).
I don't have any information (year, time, etc. for these two) and can't seem to 
find any record of the existence of these two projects:

Mormon Homeschooling
Green Hell

But it seems like the Kinsey has included them under the Kenneth Anger Mixed 
Media collection as original Anger projects.  The problem is that the Kinsey is 
digitizing things and so much of the Anger collection is
sort of unavailable at the moment— a topic for a whole other post!

Any info would be appreciated— thanks, Joan
Joan Hawkins
Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies
Media School
Indiana University
Franklin Hall
601 E Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47405


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