If the camera sat for a long time with the spring wound, you might be in 
trouble, as that causes the spring to lose force. 

What you’re hoping is that the spring is OK, and the rest of the mechanism is 
just gummed up from sitting. In which case you may only need a clean and lube 
to get it going.

Which MIGHT be doable DIY...

I’ve never dealt with a Cine Special, but Kodal K-100’s are fairly easy to take 
apart, so maybe a Cine-Special is as well. (???) I’m not a pro camera tech by 
any means, just have some general mechanical skills, but I’ve CL’ed K-100’s, 
switched parts between them, etc. [OTOH, you have to be a trained expert to 
even think about taking apart a Beaulieau or a Bolex]. 

Maybe someone else here knows how intimidating the innnards of a Cine Special 

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