cine Kodak special - guts

2018-12-11 22:20 GMT-04:00, Dave Tetzlaff <>:
> If the camera sat for a long time with the spring wound, you might be in
> trouble, as that causes the spring to lose force.
> What you’re hoping is that the spring is OK, and the rest of the mechanism
> is just gummed up from sitting. In which case you may only need a clean and
> lube to get it going.
> Which MIGHT be doable DIY...
> I’ve never dealt with a Cine Special, but Kodal K-100’s are fairly easy to
> take apart, so maybe a Cine-Special is as well. (???) I’m not a pro camera
> tech by any means, just have some general mechanical skills, but I’ve CL’ed
> K-100’s, switched parts between them, etc. [OTOH, you have to be a trained
> expert to even think about taking apart a Beaulieau or a Bolex].
> Maybe someone else here knows how intimidating the innnards of a Cine
> Special are?
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