> Does anyone know where I could get a replacement part? Or at least how to 
> test the camera and see if the rough contact point is indeed the issue?

If the problem is indeed related to the battery contact, you wouldn’t need a 
new part, just a rehab on what you have. From the photo it looks like it should 
be OK, but you could treat the contact with Caig DeOxit Red, which should 
revive it for any contactr issues. You can get that stuff at ‘real’ 
electroniucs parts stores. It’s expensive, but goes a LONG way, so get the 
smallest amt. possible.

Even though the burst batteries suggest the battery compartment is the problem, 
that’s not necessarily the case. If the person who gifted you the camera can 
testify that it worked prior to being put away when for the period where the 
batteries went blooey, then the odds are there’s nothing seriously wrong with 
the camera, and the issue is just some other contact in the power path that has 
gone stale with dirt and/or minor corrosion that it’s not making a good 
connection. Like a power switch, or the shutter switch, or maybe a speed 

As for testing, the only thing I can think of checkling the circuits with an 
ohmmeter, which a handy friend (the kind who owns an ohmmeter) might be able to 
do if a bit of minor diassassembly of the case is possible to get at some of 
the innards.

I have a Canon 814XL that appeared to be totally dead after being stored for 
awhile. I had brand new batterries, cleaned the contacts, did everythign I 
could think of… no luck. (It wasn’t going to come apart to get me far enough 
inside with my skills and tools). Eventually, I just fiddled with all the 
controls for awhile, kind of giving the camera some exercise in hopes of 
rousing it from deep sleep… and voila, it ‘cured itself’ and strated running…

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