Hello Joan -

Last I knew she was still at Birkbeck.

Email - l.mul...@bbk.ac.uk<mailto:l.mul...@bbk.ac.uk>
Phone - 0207 631 6104

I'm assuming you know how to dial internationally, but in the event that you 
don't (or that you're calling from a cell phone which has a slightly separate 
step) here's how:

Dial 011 to connect to an out-of-country line
Dial the country code - in this case 44
Then the city area code - London from a land line is 20, or from a cell phone 
you can press and hold the zero (the + sign)
Then the phone number - in this case drop the 0 from the beginning of her 
number, and since you've already entered 20, just dial the following 8 digits   
(I left the 0 at the start of the number above, because if you were dialing 
from within the UK, you'd dial it exactly as shown above)

You can also get an international operator by dialing 00 if you run into 

good luck,

                ~ sarah

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Dear Frameworkers,
Does anyone have contact info for Laura Mulvey?
Thanks and a happy new year to all.

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