back in the 80s i used sharpies, but i never printed the film i marked
so i dont know if it would had worked beyond the clear leader i worked
on. sharpies have dropped in price and are now made in many different
colors, back then there were only black, red, green and blue.....

2019-01-09 19:42 GMT-05:00, lindsay mcintyre <>:
> You need alcohol-based transparent inks.  Dr. Martin's has good ones and
> there are some other good brands that are easier to find in craft stores,
> including Pinata Color Susan Pickering Rothanol signature line (made by
> Jacquard), Inkredible ink by jane davenport, and alcohol ink by Ranger.
> They are sometimes overpriced but make beautiful vibrant colours that can
> also be mixed together, used on both sides of the film, and (rarely)
> layered.
> Best,
> Lindsay McIntyre
> On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 5:34 PM Morgan Hoyle-Combs <>
> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Anyone who works in hand painted film must have an idea of inks and
>> paints
>> that are good for using on clear acetate or polyester leader. I'm looking
>> for the kind that can won't easily wash or flake off when dry. And for
>> the
>> moment, I'd like to stay away from markers and pens. I'm going to stick
>> with brushes.
>> Any help would be appreciated!
>> Thank you
>> M
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