I think OID should be truly unique in the world as to make it easier for
replication. If OID are real unique number (not in a table, not in a
database, but in the world) then replication can be easily built with


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At 01:20 PM 10-05-2001 -0400, Bruce Momjian wrote:
>Here is a small list of big TODO items.  I was wondering which ones
>people were thinking about for 7.2?

4) Not really important to me but can serial be a proper type or something
so that drop table will drop the linked sequence as well? 
 serial = old serial for compatibility
 serial4 = new serial
 serial8 = new serial using bigint
(OK so 2 billion is big, but...)

5) How will the various rollovers be handled e.g. OID, TID etc? What
happens if OIDs are not unique? As things get faster and bigger a nonunique
OID in a table might just happen.


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