Some of you wrote to tell me that they couldn't find the fasting video--yep, 
Beliefnet is like a newspaper and they change the lead page frequently. It's 
still on the site (and under "Recent Features") at 
I was surprised at how many people wrote to me about autism, however--a lot 
of people hit "Reply" on that. There really is a lot of this mysterious 
condition out there, all of a sudden, and I wonder what we'll all learn about 
it in 
the future. 
hope everyone is having a blessed Lent. Here comes Holy Week! Pow! (can't 
wait!) If you always wanted to visit an Orthodox church, Holy Week is a great 
time -- abt 40 hours of services, coming right up. I esp recommend Thurs night, 
Fri night, and Sat morning, but they're all good. You feel *so* primed for 
Pascha/Easter when it comes, around midnight on Saturday. East and West have 
same date for Easter this year, and it's great to be doing it together. 
Frederica Mathewes-Green

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