today is the launch of my podcast! It's for Ancient Faith Radio, a 24-hour 
internet broadcast of Eastern Orthodox music & audio programs. Here's where you 
can sign up: 


Just scroll down -- the "Subscribe" buttons are at the bottom. When director 
John Maddex (who recently concluded 30+ years at Moody Radio) asked me to do a 
podcast, I said that I didn't want to do the same kind of thing I did years 
ago for NPR's "All Things Considered:" I would write out a commentary, polish 
it up with the editor, and then record it in their studio. It seems like that 
is what most podcasts are like, and how many carefully polished 8-minute 
nuggets of wisdom can we stand? 
I hit on the idea of doing something off-the-cuff, and John was not just 
gracious but enthusiastic. So they sent me a good quality digital recorder that 
pocketbook-sized (if you carry a sizeable pocketbook) and I have started 
recording short pieces whenever I'm having a good conversation with someone, or 
just when I notice something I want to talk about. As I travel around the 
country to speaking events, I hope to be able to record conversations with new 
old friends everywhere. This first recording I made a week ago, when my husband 
adn I were in a car going to meet friends at a restaurant, and we got into a 
conversation about how catechumens gradually begin to grasp the differences in 
Eastern Christianity. 

I'm also proud to say that the theme music is written and performed by our 
son David. He calls the piece "Frank 2". I hope to get some more of David's 
songs on my website. Yay 

Frederica Mathewes-Green
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