today's podcast is an interview with Andrew Gould, the creative young
architect who designed Holy Ascension OCA church in Mt. Pleasant, SC (right
outside Charleston.)  The form of the building is taht of a small, classic
Byzantine temple, but the materials are local--pine, stucco, old, re-used
bricks. A detail I particulary like is that the wooden door pulls are based
on a specific hand-carved door handle in an old home in the Tennessee
mountains--the pulls were carved by a Charlestonian. This combination of
classic form and local material is very intentional, and results in a
fascinating building.

here's a link to the church's website page about building the church. They
did much of the work themselves:

Holy Ascension building plan <>

And here's teh podcast:

Interview with Andrew

I've been publishing much less in the last few months. I asked to be off the
movie beat for the fall, because Paraclete Press asked me to write a book on
the Jesus Prayer, and after much misgiving (they originally asked almost 3
years ago) I have finally plunged in. Please pray for me to have clarity of
mind, because I find that everything is trying to be said first. It's hard
to present the different-ness of the eastern church's understanding, because
everything depends on defining something else first. And I am a disorganized
writer. I can't make outlines. I start at the top and just go, and with
something ths complex I have trouble. I was able to present some of the text
at St George Church in Keene, NH this past weekend, and feedback is always a
help. At present, the entire text (so far) is lying on my dining room table,
where I cut it apart wth scissors and taped it back together!

However I have a few interesting pieces waiting to be published--a response
to the frequent charge that tehre is no God, or he's a bad God, because of
the existence of evil; a reflection on my time as a consultant to Veggie
Tales / Big Idea Inc; an essay on learning to love the Virgin Mary; an essay
on the Mall; and a commentary on abortion and politics that I submitted to
NPR, but haven't heard yet whether they will take it. So, tehre's more to
come. Mostly, though, I'm trying to push through the book, and your prayers
are appreciated.

Frederica Mathewes-Green
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