Dear one,
On the 5th of February, 2003, my husband, Chief Harry Marshals was murdered in 
our Abuja resident. Before the death of my husband, he was the Vice Chairman of 
the All Nigerian People's Party (ANPP) in Nigeria. 
This is a political party that contested with the present ruling Party, 
People's Democratic
Party, (PDP) that the present President won on.I have to mourn my husband for 
one year according to tradition, which ended on the 5th of February, 2004 and I 
have to stay extra months before the
Will of my husband will be read. On the 1st of January 2005, My late husband's 
lawyer, Bar William Mcgrill summonded the family and read out the Will of my 
late husband, which part of it stated
that my husband has a financial deposit ofeleven million poundsterling 
(11,000,000poundsterlings) with  Coin Security in London   and other fixed 
assets in Nigeria which am left with to train my two kids and also invest in 
your country

  The lawyer suggested to look for a reliable person to be in possession of the 
fund as I was adviced not to leave the country pending when the culprits are 
brought to book.
But I refused as I want to get a trusted person to handle the fund for me as 
this is what am left with to train my two kids.
I am not asking you for money, rather trust and honesty are what I need from 
you.I will like to get your response on my private email;[EMAIL PROTECTED]  and 
I will forward your information to the lawyer who will advice you properly
I will compensate you financially for your assistance, please treat  this with 
passion and compassion.I wait for your response.
Mrs Mary Marshals.

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