Hi Guys,

 UNILEVER, the WORLD’S BIGGEST FMCG COMPANY which involves in network
marketing is now launching the global expansion of  its network
marketing operations starting from Malaysia since October 2011.

More than 2 billion consumers INCLUDING YOU are currently using some
of its more than 400+ branded products every day. This multi-billion
USD Company currently has presence in more than 170 countries
worldwide and recorded sales revenue of more than USD55billion in

Go for the BEST and forget the rest. This company is listed as No. 121
in the Fortune Global 500 (Fortune July 2010) which lists out the
world’s 500 biggest corporations. No other network marketing company
in the world can be found in this list. Once in a Lifetime Business
Opportunity.  We can assure you that this is something you’ve never
witnessed before… literally a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME
FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.  www.unidsys.com/fuad100

Leveraging on the powers of the internet, it has established a network
marketing division (UNILEVER AVIANCE) distributing luxury FMCG
products at ordinary prices. This is a world’s first and it will sweep
the world starting with Malaysia, then India, Indonesia, Vietnam and
of course China … the whole world! You can now be in business
hand-in-hand with the world’s biggest FMCG network marketing company …
no more doubt whatsoever about the financial strength, image, product
quality, product range, long term stability, etc of your network
marketing company, anymore!

Unilever Aviance  is now in Malaysia and you can be in from the very
beginning. Join now at  www.unidsys.com/fuad100   and be ahead of the
rest when the business has been  officially launched in October. The
Perfect Business of the 21st Century. Network marketing is the easiest
route to financial independence and the maker of the most millionaires
in the new millennium. Grab the opportunity to be in pole position by
reserving your top FREE position now. You can get a FREE website like
this www.unidsys.com/(your username) just by registering your
However, only apply if you want success, total financial independence
and be able enjoy the better things in life for you and your loved
ones. To sign up, you may be prompted to key-in the following details of
your Sponsor who brought you the good news after clicking on the “Sign
up” button:
1) Sponsor’s Hand Phone Number : (0122100401)
2) Sponsor’s Post Code : (40000)
3) Sponsor’s Birthday DDMM : (1305)

Then fill in your personal details which follow. This is very, very
important in order for us to track your early registration position
and then your earnings and commissions from your Group later on.
After confirming your personal details, you will be required to go
your email to activate the website. (Check your Spam Mail folder if
the activation email is not found in your Inbox folder)

And here’s the real secret to your success – share your personal
website with everyone you know - network marketing leaders, family
members, friends, business associates, your social networking friends
and contact etc. Use Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, blogging whatever.
Get them to confirm the following info (similar to your confirmation
action earlier on) after they have clicked on the “Sign up” button on
your personal website:
1) Sponsor’s Hand Phone Number : (your hand phone no.
without the hypen)
2) Sponsor’s Post Code : (the post code as per
your address)
3) Sponsor’s Birthday DDMM : (your own date of birth
in “DDMM” format)
Remember, by signing up, you and your network will get a FREE
individualized website each. DUPLICATE this simple success method. As
you and your group introduce more and more people to this pre-launch
opportunity, ALL of you will have the potential of profiting from
everyone who joins later.

Teach your downlines to duplicate this group building system. In a
short time, all of you will be able to build a sizeable group.
To assist you and your downlines in your recruitment and
group-building campaigns, start sending similar recruitment messages
to your loved ones, friends, business associates or anyone you know
whom you think can benefit immensely from building a business together
with Unilever Aviance. Copy this email, if you want to (and amend

Start your recruitment and group-building campaign NOW! THE EARLIER
Start NOW. Grab this ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to gain financial
independence for you and your loved ones by working with this world’s
biggest FMCG company involved in Network marketing.
Claim your early bird position now at  www.unidsys.com/fuad100

SEE YOU AT THE TOP!!! I will be calling you personally once you have registered.

+6012 2100401

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