Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered if you can contact all buyers from some
particular business website (if it allows you to without captcha)?

Well, I make web-bots for Robomaker software. These bots are custom
made for particular websites & I make then smart and intelligent that
they search websites like ec21, Alibaba etc for buyers (industrywise
or keywords based) and contact the buyer directly. The message used to
contact with buyer is smart as well, it contains name, industry,
country or other details of buyer dynamically. Cool isn’t!

Not yet. There are lots more things that I can create. Checkout this
website (http://bizbc.net), it’s a b2b website and have lots of buyers
and suppliers. On request of one of my client, I made him a bot, which
contact individual buyer with separate message (including variables
like name, company, country etc). This site itself was huge so bot was
executed certain hours daily for particular industries, anyhow, on
first run, it contacted 2,500 buyers and on next day, 130 of them
replied back with their detailed buying offers. Consider this executed
over 30 industries, how much responses or qualified leads will you

If you want to discuss further about it. Reply me back with your
details. I will offer you software along with few bots to work with
and make additional customized bots on your requests – bots are
editable for later use as well.

Don't reply this post, contact me seperately.


Bot maker

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