Hi Free-Malaysia-Classified,

Did you get the first part of the "Dallas Bootlegs" video series
from Ray & Ferny showing how they are generating 20~100+
leads a day in multiple niches?

To be honest... I paid money to get to Dallas and watch them live
at the ":Live the Dream" event.

Yes I paid money!! You should take two seconds and go and opt in
and download these videos!! They are AWESOME!!

>>>> http://www.joeltherien.com/go/easy_leads

There were several keypoints Ferny made on stage that I really
resonated with such at 14:08 when he gave the audience their
BOLD PREDICTION that will cause most marketers to FAIL,
go broke, and, as he puts it so dramatically… "a lil' crazy."

While I am not in 100% agreement with this prediction, you can't
deny there is definitely truth to this.

>>>> http://www.joeltherien.com/go/easy_leads

Then there's that "infamous poll" he took on Facebook (14:47 in)
where he got other top leaders/earners to reveal THEIR secrets to
success and getting their start.

I am not even sure they got approval to share this! (But I sure am
glad they did lol)

And of course, one of my favorite part which begins 21:14 in when
he reveals his and Ray's first $30 to $320 story that eventually became
the blueprint to their $1,000 a month automatic income generator
(this is a simple TWO step blueprint…)

Anyway, I highly encourage to go download their video if you
haven't already and give it a good watch.

...be warned though, it's not the most "family friendly" video so
hide your kids. (Just kidding, it's not THAT bad!)

>>>> http://www.joeltherien.com/go/easy_leads

To your success,

--Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

P.S. Remember I paid to be there! You don't have to pay a
cent, just take 2 seconds and opt in then you can watch them
later on!!

>>>> http://www.joeltherien.com/go/easy_leads






















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