*Strawberry from Market **Egypt*

*Category:* Strawberry (Festival or Florida)

*Specifications:* *According* to the specifications of the European Union

*Class:* excellent first free from defects
*Packing*: carton 2.5 kg - containing 10 pant / Weight 250 grams

*The processing period:* 3 days of the date of the agreement
*Price:* 4000.-$ /ton (10.-$/carton) this price delivery Cairo airport (without 
the value of the shipment) 
*Less **Quantity:* 1 ton contains 400 cartons
*Shipping:* by air

*Method of payment*: 50% when the agreement and the remaining 50% when 


  In the case of a request in large quantity container 40/20 ft Price 
varies due to product carbon injection (to stop the maturation of the fruit 
according to duration of the trip),

  As for air freight do not need this equipment

*Contact us*

*marketegypt.net @ gmail.com*

*You can see more *




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