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Pizza Dumbbell Lunch Combo
Prep Time: 10 min 

Makes: 1 lunch  

Make a weighty power lunch. Kids will love it!

10(1/2-inch) cubes hard salami
10thin pretzel sticks
1/4cup pizza sauce
1(1.5-oz.) pkg. (1/3 cup) colby-Monterey Jack cheese blend cubes (from 7.5-oz. 
1(1 1/2-oz.) pkg. teddy bear-shaped graham cracker snacks

1 .  Pack salami cubes and pretzel sticks in separate snack-size resealable 
plastic bags. Spoon pizza sauce into small sealable plastic container; seal 
tightly. Pack lunch in insulated lunch bag to keep cold.
2 .  At lunch time, spear 1 cheese cube on one end of each pretzel stick and 1 
salami cube on other end to form dumbbell. Dip in pizza sauce. Orange and 
graham cracker snacks complete the lunch.

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