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Tomato Rarebit Open Face Sandwiches

Add a whole new dimension to STOUFFER'S classic Welsh Rarebit with the addition 
of tangy stewed tomatoes. These open face sandwiches make a quick lunch or add 
steamed vegetables on the side for a wonderful change of pace at dinner.

Estimated Times
Preparation Time10 mins.
Cooking Time5 mins.


2packages 10-oz ea. Classic Recipes Welsh Rarebit, cooked according to package 
instructions, kept hot

1can (14.5-oz.) stewed tomatoes, well drained

4English muffins, split and toasted

1Dijon mustard 

8strips bacon, cooked


COMBINE welsh rarebit and tomatoes in medium bowl.

SPREAD mustard over muffin halves. Place two muffin halves each on four plates.

TOP with welsh rarebit mixture sauce and two strips of bacon.

Serving Size: 4

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