Football Cake

From: Campbell's Kitchen
Prep: 25 minutes


2 Pepperidge Farm® Chocolate Fudge 3 Layer Cake 
Assorted decorating gel (black, white)
1 pkg. (4.9 oz.) Pepperidge Farm® Mini Milano Cookies 


REMOVE cakes from freezer. Trim 1 edge of styrofoam plate even with cake, using 
scissors. Repeat with other cake. Place these two sides together. Carefully 
trim corners of cake to form a “football”. Set corners aside. Let stand 15 min. 
or until frosting softens.
SMOOTH frosting where cakes are joined, using a metal spatula dipped in water. 
Smooth frosting on sides of cake. If needed, use additional frosting from 
corners pieces.
MAKE an outline of a football on top of cake and laces down center, using white 
piping gel.
DECORATE sides of cake with Mini Milano® cookies, pressing gently to adhere. 
Make football laces on cookies using black piping gel. Makes 1 cake.

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