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Godiva Frozen Hot Chocolate 

4 cups whole milk
12 tablespoons Godiva Classic Milk Chocolate Cocoa *
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 tablespoons milk chocolate shavings
* You can also use Dark Chocolate Truffle Cocoa or Chocolate Mocha Cocoa.

Warm the milk in a small pot over a medium flame. Stir in the cocoa and whisk 
constantly. Do not boil. Remove from the stove and cover with foil. Let cool 
for 15 minutes. Pour the hot cocoa mixture in to ice cube trays or a metal 
bowl. Freeze. Remove the chocolaty mixture from the freezer and allow to soften 
for approximately 20 minutes. Drop the slushy cubes or chunks into a blender. 
Pulse intermittently until smooth and slightly icy. You may have to add a 
little fresh milk to help with the process. Immediately pour into a large glass 
bowl. Top with fresh whipped cream and milk chocolate shavings. Sink a straw in 
for everyone at your table. Sip and enjoy!
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