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Warm Curried Egg Salad
This salad combines hard cooked eggs, celery, parsley, green onion, bell 
pepper, and almonds, with a dressing of mayonnaise, yogurt, and curry paste.
        * 1 dozen hard cooked eggs (Perhaps leftover from an Easter egg hunt?) 
        * 2 cups diced celery 
        * 1 cup chopped or slivered almonds 
        * 1 cup chopped flatleaf parsley 
        * 1 cup chopped green onions 
        * 1 red bell pepper, diced 
        * 1 cup mayonnaise 
        * 1 cup lowfat plain yogurt 
        * 2 Tbs. curry paste (or as desired) 
        * Toast points (dark bread or sliced baguette) 
Chop eggs and mix with all other ingredients, except the toast points or bread. 
Place in microwave safe dish and cover. Cook on high for 2 minutes to heat; 
serve warm with bread.

Notes: To make this especially pretty, serve it in a festive dish with the 
bread lined up around the edges. Sprinkle the top with paprika (or if you're 
really adventurous, use cayenne!) Also, sprinkle a little extra chopped parsley 
or green onion on the top.
Number of servings: 6 
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