Supporting our Troops - 7th Annual Holiday Love™ Project

Supporting our Troops

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7th Annual Holiday Love™ Project

Each year we send holiday cards to our troops for Christmas and Hanukah.
This year's project starts October 13th and ends December 1st to
ensure that all cards and letters can be shipped to meet the holiday
deadlines. Mail your holiday cards for our troops to us and we'll
ship them to our military in time for the holidays!

Get everyone involved! Here are some great ideas:



    * Place a drop box in your office or place of business and get
everyone involved in bringing in cards.
    * Put a notice in your apartment's newsletter about our project
or put up this flyer.
    * Get your church, synagogue, or place or worship to add our project
in their announcement letter this weekend.
    * Visit local retirement homes, VFWs, Moose Clubs and get the folks
involved. This is a project that will make them feel really special and
give them the opportunity to hear back from our troops too!
    * Buy holiday stationery and create your own personalized holiday
    * Make a banner using a vinyl tablecloth (red, white or blue) and
sharpies to create a thank you or support banner. Have friends,
co-workers, family, church members, etc. sign it with their message.
    * Make a poster using poster board (red, white or blue) and colorful
markers to create a thank you or support poster. Have friends, kids,
classroom, co-workers, family, church members, etc. sign it with their
message. It's easy to ship too, just stick it in a mailing tube to us!
    * 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 cards (like the kind you can get at any office
supply store) are great to write a short note on or for a motivational
quote. Colored ones are very festive and great if you just want to say
"I support you" or "I'm proud of you". Dress them up with holiday
stickers. Include your contact info on the back too with an address
label or stamp.
    * Include phone cards for our service members to call home. The best
cards to purchase are the AT&T phone cards as they can be used
internationally as well as nationally.
    * Introduce a friend to and have weekly card
writing sessions for fun! Get creative, go ahead, use the glitter and
the glue just like you used to when YOU were a kid.
    * We always need stamps. Ask your company to donate a roll of stamps
to eMail Our Military; when they do, we'll give them some free publicity
in our monthly newsletter as a thank you.
    * Even more ideas...

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