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> Richard Stallman is an idiot to worry about ubuntu so much that it's
> not in the FSF list of "free" software.

Ubuntu has excluded itself from being a free software operating system.
I don't see that Richard Stallman worries much about Ubuntu; his
position is plain. Perhaps when the state of Ubuntu changes, he'll be
justified in worrying some more.

> May be much much more important things to be concerned about. As the
> Iranian proverb goes:"a drowning man doesn't worry about rain".

Richard Stallman seems to be spending quite a bit of his energies on
larger social issues; followers of his weblog can see for themselves
what worries him today. I don't think we need be concerned that he's
distracted by inconsequential things.

More importantly, we should stop worrying about the priorities of other
people and pay attention to our own; RMS's advice is valuable, but we
are free to disagree and form our own priorities and convince (or not)
other people as we can.

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