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>                      Hello
>                              Is there a free and/or opensource calendar 
> application? Can't find one on sourceforge. Tried mozilla sunbird. But I 
> want to do this:
>                              I have dropbox on two computers connected 
> by short range wireless/ethernet internet. Person on computer a wants to 
> make a calendar file, save it, drop into dropbox, then i see it on 
> computer b, and i make the file public and email a link to business 
> colleagues with the schedule calendar file.
>                             I can't get this to occur with mozilla 
> sunbird. Please don't suggest thunderbird/lightning. I use that. But he 
> can't email. He needs an idiot level calendar application for windows. 
> Sunbird saves as weird.ics files that I can't open. If I can't open them 
> how will anyone else use them?
>                             Does such a calendar application exist?
>                             Thank you
>                             Andrew

I've not used it myself, but Evolution includes a calendar that might be able 
to do what you want.

.ics is a standard format, I don't know why you're having trouble with it: 

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