> As that article explores, sexism in such environments is less often
> overt harrassment, and much more often an atmosphere of being treated as
> strange and otherly, in somewhat contradictory juxtaposition with a
> plaintive why-can't-we-treat-them-like-the-boys attitude.
> The overt harassment - which is obviously a minority-is unfortunately what
stands out in people's memories, and it only takes one person to really
push someone away, and in extreme cases make someone unsafe. In some cases
where I've been primarily treated like 'just one of the guys' you get one
or two people in the group that don't treat me like that and regularly make
inappropriate comments, but no one other than me protests that or cares. It
just takes one to make you uncomfortable, and I think it's important for
men to make it clear that kind of behaviour is not at all acceptable. I
think Melbourne Free Software has been overall good with treatment of women
in my experience, but being more aware of  your own and others actions and
making sure you point out if someone else is doing something they shouldn't
will always help.
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