> Well, I did like drawing hovercrafts when I was little and I needed a set
> up for a joke about Internet Explorer. I thought it was funny anyway. ;)

Oh the Internet Explorer joke was great. I just wasn't sure why the guy was
downloading Firefox from within a Hovercraft :)

I do like the questioner's plan about fixing the two things:
a) That you are penalised for independently inventing something, and
b) That there is no "fair use" provision for interoperability.

I agree, that would solve a lot of the issues (though not all). And while
it is nice to imagine a world without software patents, it is probably more
practical to make those as demands. In particular, the second clause would
eliminate most "submarine patents" (patents where someone waits a long time
until everybody is using a standard before revealing that they have a
patent on that standard, and sues everybody).

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