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I have been reminded to let this forum know when 3RRR's Byte Into It
<URL:> features discussions
of interest to free software advocates.

On Wednesday 2012-05-30, the show included discussion about ownCloud
<URL:>, its latest release
<URL:>, and further
exploring how software freedom is affected by cloud computing.

We had an interview with Senator Scott Ludlum. He is a Greens senator
who has been vocal about the need for Australian federal government to
protect the legal rights of Julian Assange, whose extradition hearing
was yesterday – yet Assange wasn't even in the court for any of it!
(Rallies this afternoon have been arranged around the world, including
in Melbourne <URL:>.)

We also talked about the resurrection of the Internet Underground Music
Archive, by scraping the web to find traces of it – which couldn't be
done if people respected current copyright restrictions.

The show is available for download at

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