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It's not so much that its a different country, but that its a new
economy which hasn't gotten to the "fat, lazy" stage yet.  I'm sure,
given time, any company will become lazy and undynamic.

I think, Dennis, that you're misreading the facts. The Chinese economic
system is a blisteringly violent mechanism with little to no interest in
worker rights and little in the way of concern for their safety.
safety is also a low priority.

A relative who lives in Hong Kong tells me all about the crappy
that gets passed as 'fit' over there. Additionally there was an
inspector on the ABC just last week saying that during his time over there
he was appalled by the shoddy work and dangerous consequences.

It's easy to make a radical change or 'fix' a problem in these
circumstances. It's possible to be impressed until you consider the cost.
These are the greater causes of the differences, rather than some
notion of being "lean" or "without fat" or "new".

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I'm in agreement there.  The Chinese economy is "Authoritarian
Capitalism".  You see, the socio-economic system that we operate under,
works better when you dispose of ideals like valuing life, democracy,
freedom of speech, etc.

The fact of that matter is, it is beneficial for the owner of an
enterprise, in terms of productivity and profits, to have workers who have
the least rights possible, the least quality of life possible without it
impacting on their productivity.

Hmmmm... don't go too far in that direction, you can reach a point where
the society doesn't have enough purchasing power to buy your products no
matter how cheap they are - would sound a lot as the Great Depression.
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The Great Depression happened because the declining financial conditions were handled poorly. FDR probably prolonged it with the "New Deal". That and there was no control during the 'boom'. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We pay economist big, big money to have them produce information for us to tell use that such a thing doesn't apply to economics.

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