Sorry for replying to list on this - was skimming your notes Ben (great notes, thanks) and read about ABC cease and desist to Jeremy. Could someone fill me in on the details? It sounds really out of character for the ABC to do this. To formally issue a cease and desist they must be worried about something (?DRM?).

Kind regards,

On 27/10/12 03:24, Ben Sturmfels wrote:
Hi Folks,

Thanks for coming along to the discussion group on the 18 October! Notes
are below.

The next discussion group is on 15 November. Adam Bolte will be telling
us about his explorations in running free software network services from
home, including email, chat, microblogging, code hosting and media
sharing. Ben Finney will be telling us how to avoid being tracked on the

On 20 December we're having an evening BBQ, probably on the banks of the
Yarra. We realise that it's a busy time for many, so this will be very

On 17 January we're holding a games night to follow-up from our highly
successful event a little while back.

I'm really looking forward to the next few months!



Notes from discussion group 18 October 2012

  - Ben demoed Media Goblin for hosting photos and videos and his use to host
    baby photos

  - Discussed the Media Goblin crowd-funding campaign
    - goals to build federated replacement for YouTube/Flick etc.
    - choice to use FSF infrastructure rather than Kickstarter
    - experiences with crowd-funding, fund-raising and grants

  - Ben's annual urge to free the E-tax income tax software
    - most present use an accountant
    - small number use E-tax or complete tax return on paper
    - standard free software approach of just rewriting?
      - could we do better than just clone E-tax?
      - our chances of connecting to ATO's network services to eg. submit 
        - perhaps just printing return would be big step
        - contacting the ATO? it might save work for them
        - getting the API details under "freedom of information"
        - what is the future is for desktop E-tax?
         - ATO could well be building a web-app

  - ABC iView
    - ABC's cease and desist on Jeremy Visser's python-iview

  - Discussed upcoming meetings/events (see above)
    - December/January is busy but decided to hold events anyway

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