In response to posts about Raspberry Pi (sorry for delay in answering):

To Sven:
> > Is there actually anyone else in the group having one?

Yep, me.

To Nathan:

> Ordered from RS in July, anxiously awaiting delivery :/

That's not so good.  I ordered mine from Element14 (ex Farnell)
on the purely sentimental reason that their Australia operation
is located in Chester Hill, NSW, which is the next suburb from
where I grew up as a kid.  But it seems like I make a lucky
correct choice -- fast delivery.  I ordered late one night, they
shipped the next day, and the order arrived by Express Post the
day after.  They have free express postage for orders over (I
think) $40.  Much quicker than still waiting since July with RS.

Skipping details, I ordered a few Pis while I could for a few
projects that I won't really be able to work on fully until later
this year, so I'd be glad to lend you one of my Pis while you're
waiting for yours to arrive.  Alternatively, I could set up one
of my Pis at home for ssh access back through my ADSL
connection.  It wouldn't be fast, but you could at least try out
some compiles and such.

Anyway, I don't want to clutter the FSM list with too much
Raspberry Pi traffic.  Maybe we could shift to a Pi subgroup.

> This is good news - at the very least a good step in the right direction.

Yes, modulo later comments by Chris.

-- Smiles, Les.
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