Ben Sturmfels <> writes:

> I'm looking forward to seeing you again next Thursday 20 June for our
> discussion group. This month we'll be looking at some hardware
> purpose-designed for compatibility with free software. Yay! We'll also
> be discussing the H-Node hardware database (details below).

I had anticipated having a ThinkPenguin delivery before tonight's
meeting, but it is currently at Customs (not yet being held, just normal
processing AFAICT) so won't have that to talk about.

My existing notebook computer is specifically built by ThinkPenguin to
work with free software, and we can discuss that more generally too;
it's not the new shiny though.

Another topic of interest is the Software Freedom Day plans.

I'm always prepared to ramble about software freedom news as I've done
on Byte Into It, of course :-)

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